Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My RT Rundown (or how Janelle Taylor will always be my hero)

I go to cons for a variety of reasons: to promote my books, to promote Dreamspinner, to meet fans, to network with other authors. Before RT this year, I'd never gone to a con where I had the to meet authors whose work had touched me in my earliest years.

If you read my last post, you already here the story of how I bought my first romance novel at twelve and then met Janelle Taylor the first day at RT. If you missed it, go read it!

The story got even better as the weekend went on. On Saturday I got to sit next to her at the Giant Book Fair. Tachna, Taylor, that's not too much of a stretch. She recognized me from Wednesday, and we spent three lovely hours discussing writing, publishing, our families, and anything else that came to mind, and at one point, she asked me which book of hers I first read all those years ago. (I did mention that I read it until it fell apart, yes?) I told her and she said she had one copy left at home with the original cover and she made a note of it so she could sign it and send it to me. (Squee!)

That would have been wonderful enough if it had stopped right there, but as we talked to fans who came to our table, she mentioned several times that she planned to read Inherit the Sky on her way home from RT, and was otherwise the most generous, gracious lady I could ever hope to meet. 

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