Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Birthday, Amber Kell!

The lovely Amber Kell is having a Birthday Bash and I'm participating! She's brought along a story to share with us today as well as this beautiful banner. You can leave her birthday wishes at her blog,, or here!

“Shh, it’s all right. It had to die,” Silvan soothed.
“I know.” Cebrus knew the beast had to be destroyed but he hated to kill anything even in self-defense.
Silvan kissed Cebrus’s cheeks, then his mouth. Cebrus sought Silvan’s lips with his until he captured them with a sigh. A moan vibrated his lips. Silvan’s shield dropped to the ground with a thud.
“Oh,” Cebrus sighed as Silvan wrapped his muscular arms around him and pulled him closer. He snuggled into the prince’s embrace until a throat clearing behind him snapped him out of his happy daze.
A soldier stood behind them his hands on his hips and a scowl crossing his handsome features. “Did you want me to take care of the body, your highness?”
“Yes Jerril,” Silvan said.
Cebrus glanced back to see the prince still had his eyes focused on him. He couldn’t stop a smile from crossing his face. Despite Jerril’s annoyance, Cebrus still had Silvan’s complete attention.
“You might want your shield,” Cebrus nodded to the abandoned piece of armor.
“Jerril will bring it.” Silvan held out his arm for Cebrus to take.
Cebrus slid his hand around Silvan’s armored elbow
“Bring my sword too,” he tossed over his shoulder as he led Cebrus away.    
Cebrus glanced over his shoulder. If looks could kill Cebrus would’ve burned up quicker than a chimera flame could incinerate him.
“You two are on rat catching duty for the next week,” Silvan told the two knights who were guarding Cebrus.
“Silvan!” Cebrus exclaimed.
“No!” Silvan’s eyes flashed with ire. “You could’ve been killed. They need to learn that when I tell them to watch out for you to not let you almost get killed by a chimera. You are the most important person in the kingdom to me and you could’ve died.”
B-but we just met,” Cebrus protested. A mating took time, days, weeks, occasionally years.
Silvan held up his wand. “And you bonded us. You will be my mate.”
The wand’s handle had a gold emblem on it signifying a fated pairing.
“Oh, blast,” Cebrus said softly. “That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m your other half.” Even as he said the words he knew Silvan wouldn’t accept them.
Silvan’s heated gaze seared Cebrus to his soles. “Trust me, you are mine.”
Cebrus sighed. “This is why I avoid royals. You are all too possessive.”
“That’s a good reason you should avoid all other royals except me,” the prince’s smug expression told Cebrus that Silvan was quite pleased with his reasoning.
“Despite what you might think your highness I am leaving at the end of the week to continue my quest,” Cebrus said. If nothing else this would be an excellent reason to leave the kingdom.
“Good, I’d be happy to help. The sooner you finish your quest the quicker you can come back and take your place by my side.” Silvan nodded as if everything was going exactly how he had planned it.
Cebrus almost hated to ruin the prince’s day.